Designing and marketing a complex
advertising SaaS platform

Bucksense, an Acotel Interactive brand, is a full featured advertising and performance marketing platform offering digital advertisers access to real-time programmatic bidding for mobile, web and native ad placements with full featured campaign management, user tracking, analysis and customizable campaign optimization tools.

Elegantly descriptive. Responsibly responsive.

After 10 years in mobile and online, the marketing experts behind Bucksense agreed that the existing advertising networks and platforms were inadequate and cumbersome to manage. We knew, having been on both sides of the digital advertising game, that a better SaaS platform for programmatic needed to be built. We made sure that the resulting propriatery platform was user friendly, flexible and feature rich enough to accomodate a great range of users — from the largest agencies and trading desks to the leanest of mobile start ups.

The Bucksense website presents a simple elegant face for what is in fact a multilayered and complex service. The challenge was to create an attractive, friendly marketing site that gives a quick overview of the company and it's services but also allows easy access to more detailed information for experience power users.

My role

Creative Director working with the Bucksense management and marketing team, the Acotel Interactive product development team and design team. I established the brand identity, direction and attitude for the product and marketing UI and copy. Advocated for and implemented use of modern, highly efficient technology tools and methods on the Saas product and marketing websites and led design and front-end development teams in New York, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro.

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Our centralized performance marketing solution helps businesses to design, implement, track and analyze their advertising campaigns to improve performance and optimize their spend across all Web and Mobile channels.

A Full Featured Platform

A platform designed by marketers for marketers. The Bucksense platform allows publishers, agencies, developers and marketers to place advertising using sophisticated real-time bidding tools; design and deploy web, mobile and in-app advertising with full user behavior tracking and audience segmentation features; and re-engage and retarget customers with push and in-app notifications, interstitial ads, custom overlays and more.

The Traffic Planner tool shown above allows users to create a real-time snapshot of global advertising inventory by clicking on the interactive charts to select parameters such as device type, carrier, device OS, banner size and more. These same filters can be used as multi-level subgroupings as well. This powerful data visualization interface is powered by some very slick javascript driven dynamic SVG technology.

Transformed into a user-friendly mobile experience

The next challenge is to take this complex, full featured platform and distill it into an on-the-go mobile experience. These wireframes are just the beginning of that process — what information does the user need at their fingertips? How do we keep the details easily accessible but out of the way? What level of customization is appropriate? Do the users just want to see data on performance or will they need to act on that information at anytime, anywhere? Iteration, user feedback and keeping a vigilant eye on UI ease of use and simplicity will lead to the answers.

Effective Marketing through Presence and Collateral

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