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Acotel Interactive

While building the corporate site for Acotel Interactive the great challenge was to both explain the company's very diverse activities and capabilities and showcase it's products and services simply and elegantly. Acotel Interactive is a brand group that creates and runs many digital entertainment products, mobile value added services and a unique full service programmatic advertising platform.

As Creative Director at Acotel Interactive, I am involved in developing these products and services from concept to execution, marketing, retention strategies and on-going reiterative improvements. It is a setting that allows for a feeling of both an in-house team and a boutique agency since there are so many brands and products in development at one time and we never know what the next concept coming up will be. Just a few of these are shown here in the other case studies. My role also involves leading and mentoring the design, front-end and app development teams that includes groups working in New York, Rio de Janeiro, Rome and some favorite outsource teams in Eastern Europe and India as well.

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“Acotel Interactive is an exciting place to be. We create innovative, leading edge products and services for markets all across the globe.”

- Guillermo Cengotita, COO Acotel Interactive

The Acotel Interactive site was conceived as a one page design to best showcase the work and to re-inforce the idea that the company is the umbrella for a number of different brands and services. These page are some of the additional pages designed to handle some of the auxillary functions such as announcing our employment opportunities and press releases. These pages are ajaxed in to the site structure to maintain the one-page feel of the site.

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